Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pablo's weekly menu... and some poetry too

Among the wonderful little joys of the week I like to share here, there's receiving our CSA delivery, and there's receiving the poems from the Writer's Almanach with Garrison Keillor in my inbox every night. In these busy times - the fact that I'm posting the week's menu on Wednesday morning tells you a little bit about my week... Better late than never! - I find sanctuary in reading a few lines of poetry every day. Like exercising for the soul. A breath of fresh air through my brain. 
Just lying on the couch and being happy.
Only humming a little, the quiet sound in the head.
Trouble is busy elsewhere at the moment,
it has so much to do in the world.
Little corners like this, pieces of Heaven
left lying around, can be picked up and saved.
People won't even see that you have them,
they are so light and easy to hide.

Later in the day you can act like the others.
You can shake your head. You can frown.
(Excerpt from "Any Morning" by William Stafford)
 Cheeses of the week: Following French tradition, I always offer a little bit of cheese at the end of every meal, between the main course and dessert. Rotation this week: Blue cheese, Gruyere, Mushroom Brie.

Desserts: At lunch, I offer a fruit yogurt (or plain yogurt with fresh fruit), but at night, I prefer sticking to plain yogurt (regular homemade* whole milk, sheep’s milk, goat's milk and Greek yogurt for extra protein) to avoid too much sugar before bedtime.

If you would like a particular recipe on the menu, feel free to contact me! (I marked with a * the recipes that will be the topic of upcoming posts).



Appetizer / Finger Foods: Tomato & hearts of palm
Main course: Grilled shrimp with leeks.

Goûter (4pm snack) - Kiwi


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Carrot butternut squash soup inspired by Deer Eats Wolf blog
Main course: Chicken livers salad with raspberry vinaigrette (one of my mom's classics!)



Appetizer / Finger Foods: Lentil shallot salad
Main course: Sardines and green beans

Goûter - Grapes (from the Sherman Oaks Farmer's Market)


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Cucumber in yogurt tarragon sauce
Main course: Oven-roasted pork tenderloin with country-style mustard sauce, with cauliflower gratin


Appetizer / Finger Foods:  Leftover lentil shallot salad
Main course: Sauteed scallops with avocado sauce* (my mother's signature dish, soon on the blog for holiday meal ideas!)

Goûter - Pear mango compote


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Watercress persimmon chick peas salad from Deer Eats Wolf.
Main course: Lamb chops with peas and carrots jardinière


Lunch - OUT

Goûter - Apple pear compote

Appetizer / Finger Foods: Leek whites with vinaigrette
Main course: Chicken basquaise



Appetizer / Finger Foods: Authentic Greek salad
Main course: Ham with veggie noodles

Goûter - Kiwi

Appetizer / Finger Foods: Artichokes in vinaigrette


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Quinoa and crudités salad
Main course: Beef patty with broccoli puree
Goûter - Grapes


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Endive salad
Main course: Soft boiled egg, caramelized onions & apples from Food Loves Writing


Lunch - OUT

Goûter - Apple blueberry compote


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Watercress sorrel soup
Main course: Trying the Salmon Tartare from Taste Food Blog.

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  1. Lovely poem. And let me know how the salad turns out.

    1. It was really lovely, I loved the persimmons in it! Thanks so much.


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