Meat/Fish & Veggie purees - 6-8 months

Here's an overview of how I handled the 6-8 months mark. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me. (A reminder that I am not a pediatrician or nutritionist, and you should always consult with your pediatrician if you're not sure about an ingredient for baby.)

I started on proteins around 6 months, after Pablo was well exposed to vegetables. My main strategy was a lot of variety in meats and fish, as well as tofu and lentils/beans for protein. My research in French baby nutritional guides and online suggested to start progressively, giving a few protein meals a week, slowing working your way up. I gave protein at lunch time, and vegetables purees at dinner from 6-8 months period (at 9 months, my pediatrician told me I could do protein at lunch and dinner.)

Once he tried all the ingredients separately, I also started introducing herbs (mostly basil, Italian parsley, thyme, oregano, chives, tarragon, rosemary, mint), as well as onion and garlic.

[As I explained in my page on the first purees, I buy organic vegetables as much as possible, and locally grown as much as possible, as vegetables lose a lot of nutrients if not consumed fairly quickly after being picked. When I can't find locally grown, I try to find organic frozen. Green beans flash frozen right after being picked will retain more nutrients than fresh green beans traveling and sitting on shelves for over a week after being harvested.]

Quantity-wise, I started with 15 g (0.5 oz) of meat or fish per 2oz serving of puree, then worked my
way up to 20 and 25 grams (about 3/4 oz) between 9-12 months.

I would cook this in batches, usually of about 8-10 oz, i.e. 4 or 5 x 2 oz portions (he ate one 2 oz puree, in addition to the finger foods, cheese and yogurt), which I would freeze and use in the following weeks.

Recipes below are for 5 x 2 oz portions, i.e. 10 oz of pureed food, with 0.5 oz of protein per portion.
Also, at that stage, I did mostly steaming. All recipes below are the same: steam for about 12-15 mn, and mix into a smooth puree, adding a bit of milk, water or cooking juice to obtain desired consistency.

Fish & veggie purees

- I use Dover sole as it is very mild, the filets are bone-free. 
- Sole and cod are interchangeable in these recipes, though cod has a stronger taste. 
- For all fish, I try to buy wild caught when possible.
- Tilapia is a good substitute for cod or sole.

Sole & cucumber - 2.5 oz sole, 1 small cucumber, 1 potato
Cod & zucchnini - 2.5 oz black cod, 2 medium zucchinis, 1 potato
Salmon & sorrel - 2.5 oz salmon, 1 big handful of sorrel, 1 potato
Salmon & kale - 2.5 oz salmon, 1/2 bunch kale, 1 potato
Cod & chards (see also brandade) - 2.5 oz black cod, 1/2 bunch chards, 1 potato
Cod & cauliflower - 2.5 oz black cod, 1/2 cauliflower
Sole & microgreens - 2.5 oz sole, handful of pea shoots, handful of microgreens of choice (try different ones for variety), 1 potato

Meat & veggie purees

You can make any combination of meats and vegetables, of course. And the meats in the recipes below are interchangeable if you want to experiment a bit. These combinations are the ones I made for Pablo.


With 2.5 oz of either ground chicken or ground turkey:

Jardinière - 2 cups of chopped carrot, turnip, green geans + Italian parsley
Eggplant - Half a medium size eggplant
Green beans & onion - 2 cups of cut up green beans, 1/4 onion
Green beans, parsley & garlic - 2 cups of cut up green beans, 1 clove garlic (minced), Italian parsley
Leeks - 2 leek whites, 2 potatoes
Butter lettuce, carrot, turnip, zucchini - 1/2 butter lettuce, 1.5 cups of chopped carrot, turnip & zucchini
Baby bok choy - 3 baby bok choys, 1 potato
Sweet potato, onion - 2 medium sweet potatoes, 1/4 onion
Pea shoots & microgreens - a large handful of each, 1 potato

Beef / Veal / Lamb / Duck:

Beef & eggplant - 2.5 oz ground beef, 1 medium eggplant
Lamb & eggplant, with rosemary - 2.5 oz ground lamb, 1 medium eggplant, 1 sprig rosemary
Lamb & cauliflower - 2.5 oz ground lamb, 1/2 cauliflower head
Lamb, zucchini, leeks - 2.5 oz ground lamb, 2 zucchinis, 2 leek whites
Lamb & broccoli - 2.5 oz ground lamb, 1/2 broccoli head
Lamb, rutabaga - 2.5 oz ground lamb, 2 rutabagas
Veal zucchini, parsley - 2.5 oz ground veal, 3 zucchinis, 1 potato, Italian parsley
Veal & green asparagus - 2.5 oz ground veal, 1 bunch of green asparagus (tips only), 1 potato
Duck & turnip - 2.5 oz piece of duck, 2 small turnips, 1/4 onion, 1 sprig of fresh thyme

Mixed vegetable purees

Obviously, you can do whatever combination of vegetables known to baby, or add one new veggie to known ones. Also, if your child seems to dislike one vegetable, mixing it with another is a way to reintroduce it.

Proportions are flexible on these. To obtain 8-10 oz, I usually need about 2.5 cups of veggies, chopped fairly small. Leafy greens steam down to almost nothing, so you can use a lot.

Green beans & artichoke bottom
Carrot & chives
Carrot, turnip, potato
Leeks & carrots
Butter lettuce, watercress & potato
Eggplant, garlic & rosemary
Turnip, celery root, carrot
Tomato & potato
Fennel & carrot
Fennel, shallot & potato
Cauliflower & onion
Cauliflower & green beans
Broccoli  & spinach
Spinach & peas

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  1. What's great blog! How did you store leftover purées, seeing that you made five servings at once?

    1. Hi there, thanks so much! I froze the purees in individual containers (at first 1 oz, then 2 oz, then 3-4 oz, but the 2 oz were the most useful, you can always double up if need be. We still use them once in a while). I would make batches a couple of times a week, and always have a variety in the freezer that way.

    2. Hi,

      Thanks for the great blog. Can you advise where to buy containers for freezing? I'm having a difficult time finding ones without BPA ( bisphenol-a) plastics/chemicals. Thank you.

    3. Hi there, I have used the OXO brand, which you can find on Amazon (link to my Amazon store here if you'd like: I believe Toys R Us/Babies R Us also carry some BPA/phtalate/PVC free in their brands.

  2. Such a great blog. I am definitely going to try some of these recipes for my 11 month old. She has been on jar food mostly and I want to try some tasty home made meals for her. Do you season the fish or just steam and puree it?

    1. Hi there, thanks so much! Glad it can be helpful! I don't add salt, the later the better on getting them used to adding salt, I think. The only "seasoning" might be a bit of fresh lemon squeeze, or some herbs. Otherwise, just steam with potato and vegetable and puree... Let me know how your little one likes it!

    2. Oh, by the way, I wanted to let you know I will be adding the 8-12 months page very soon :-)

  3. I am loving your blog, thank you so much for sharing all of this. I wish I'd had this for my first one, but she is getting some fringe benefits anyway. I have noticed that my daughter (8 mo) seems to notice if she is eating something different than the rest of the family. Was this ever an issue for you?

    1. Hi Brandy! Yes, Pablo did start wanting to try everything we were having around 8-10 months, and that's when we started to have our meals with him, and by 12 months, we were all eating the same thing pretty much, except pureed for him for things he couldn't chew yet. It definitely made me adjust the way we were eating, adding a lot more vegetables, and I started meal planning around that time as well. This interest is a great opportunity to get them to taste new things, they have a widely open mind from 8-18 months, really the golden age for introducing a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables.

  4. Thank you for your blog! Can you please tell me how often did your son eat when he was 5 month old? And was his puréed food was given before or after formula or at different time. My daughter is eating 4 times a day. 8 am , 12 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm. I don't know if I should give her purée at 12 with formula or at 10 am?

  5. Please excuse me if you've already answered this question, but are you using frozen vegetables for your purees? And if so, do you store the extras in the fridge until you serve them again, or are you re-freezing them? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Valerie, I did use organic frozen vegetables once in a while when something wasn't in season, things like green beans, spinach. In that case, I would make a batch of purees, I would only keep 24 hours worth in the fridge, and freeze the cooked purees in individual servings. I would thaw those (simply warm them up by steaming or water bath) for immediate consumption only. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi helene, i became a big fan of yours!!
    I'm a first time mum to a 6 month old boy. This week i started introducing the veggies to him. Everything is new for both of us... As he is formula fed, he takes 5 bottles a day (8 - 9 oz/uk each).
    I'm a bit lost on how often to offer the veggies, what time and if i should also give a bottle after the food.
    How did you do for your little one??

    1. Hi Juliana! So glad you're finding the blog useful!
      Basically, the way I went about it, was to take into account that until 12 months, milk is the main source of nutrition, and you are only giving the purees as an introduction of foods, to familiarize baby to new flavors and textures, to eating with a spoon etc. So with that in mind, I started feeding him solids at the times I knew would become our normal schedule eventually (remaining flexible with naps etc.): lunch time (at the time he would eventually eat lunch, 12pmish for us), then shortly after, I introduced breakfast at our regular time, and afternoon snack (fruit) at 4p-ish. A few weeks later, dinner around 7pish, also the time we would eventually be eating dinner. I tried to work the milk around that, trying whenever possible to give the milk at least 30-45 mn before or after, but keeping in mind milk gets priority, and I had to go through some trial and error with the milk for sure. The milk priority also informs the quantity of solids: I let the baby decide how much he wanted to eat for solids, could be a couple of teaspoons, sometimes more. I hope this somewhat answers your question... I would also recommend you check out the FAQ section (click under the top banner, on the right), might answer some addl questions for you... Let me know how things go with your little one! This is a very exciting time :-)

  7. Hi Helene, I have just discovered your blog via a link from Janet Lansbury and I love it and will definitely be using your recipes and trying the different courses too -- I love the idea of the whole family eating the same food at the table together and meal times being a special bonding time. My baby is 5 1/2 months now and we are about to start solids in the next couple of weeks. I would be interested to know what your opinion is on baby-led weaning? Cheers, Alana

    1. Hi Alana, sorry for the late response to your question/comment, it's been a whirlwind week ;-) Basically, I didn't know about "baby-led weaning" when my son started solids around 4 1/2 months, but in hindsight, I realize what I did was very close to it. You might want to check out my Q&A section for related questions, but basically, I think baby led weaning sounds great if it works for you as a parent as well. Very much in agreement with Janet Lansbury on boundaries and the need for parents to be aware of their own needs and to set clear boundaries on what they are not comfortable with so there's no annoyance or resentment against their kids. When it comes to babies exploring food and making a mess and tired moms, it can be critical, I think. So I did do a mix of spoon feeding and self-feeding as much as possible (especially after 6 mo), following cues and readiness from my son. But the principles of letting a child reject food (and reoffering several times in the weeks thereafter), letting baby decide how much he/she eats, slow eating, are exactly what I did. Starting 6-7 months, I offered finger foods for self-feeding and exploration as a first course, and a homemade puree to expose to different flavors as a "main course". I hope this answers your question... Welcome to the blog :-)

  8. Hi Helene, I'm sorry if you've already addressed this question in another part of your blog. How did you cook the meats (chicken, beef, fish) before adding it to the purees? I usually bake chicken but was concerned about the olive oil or butter that I use to grease the pan. Do you think this is an issue? My daughter is almost 8 months old but has been very slow to accept solid foods. We're still working on veggie purees right now but I want to introduce protein to her soon. Thanks! I love the blog :)

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for the kind words. To answer your question, I would most often steam the meat and vegetables together. If needed for some vegetable purees, I would add a touch of milk or butter after cooking. I used the Babycook, but you can do it with a steam basket as well. I would just put the meat or fish with vegetables and potato if needed, cut up small, and steam 10-15 mn. Or I would steam separately if needed, and then mix together. But to answer your question, my preferred method to start with, is steaming. Once my son got familiar with the purees and different kinds of proteins and vegetables, I started roasting a bit, but it took a lot longer and more work, so I usually kept it simple and made several batches that I would freeze. Steaming was my main way of cooking all his foods until he outgrew the purees. (Roasting vegetables for example can be good when they start on finger food, like roasted carrots) Hope that helps! All the best with your little one, let me know how it goes!

    2. Thanks Helene! I am going to order the Beaba Babycook, but can't decide if I should get the original version or the new Pro version. Do you have the original? Do you like it? Thanks so much for your help.

    3. Hi Rachel, I must have had the original, and don't know about the new pro version. I got a lot of use out of mine, but it was given to me, so I must admit I didn't do much research on other similar baby cookers. While very adequate, I found that I got a full year of use out of mine (using it pretty much every day) until it started showing some wear and tear in the closing mechanism. The steaming function is great, the mixing function was adequate, but could have been a bit more powerful, probably. I guess my recommendation would be to look around at reviews and functions of similar machines before making your final decision.

  9. Hi Helene,

    Thank you very much for your very informative blog. I have a 7 mo old daughter and regularly turn to your blog for ideas. Right now she eats 5 times/day (around 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm). I want to have her on a 4 times/day feeding schedule, which would be more similar to regular feeding times. I wonder what your strategy was to get your son on a more adult-like schedule?

    Thank you once again,


  10. It's a great thing that you are exposing your baby to vegetables at an early stage. It’s better to train his taste buds to love the healthy grub before he learns to shun them away. I hope he grows up inclined to healthy eating. Timmy @

  11. Hii there!
    I love your blog it's berry helpful for me. Thanks a lot! I just have a question. What kind of cheeses did you give to you baby ? I have a 6 month baby and I'm giving her lots of flavours but I don't know what cheeses are ok for her

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Cynthia, my apologies for the delayed response! I started Pablo on cheese around 8 months, and I did soft cheeses like Laughing Cow or similar textures, as well as sheep's milk and goat's milk cheese, a bit firmer but cubed very small, easy to gum down. Petit Basque was a favorite of Pablo's, as well as Goat Gouda, or Comté cheese. I'm not sure where you are located, but Trader Joe's if it's available near you, is a great affordable place for cheeses. Hope this helps :-)

  12. Thank you for this wonderful resource. You mentioned above that your son ate a 2oz serving, finger food, cheese, and yogurt. What kinds of finger foods would you give him, and generally what type of yogurt. My 7 month loves his purees, and I'd love to start diversifying his food some more. Was there an order you typically served this? Thank you!

    1. I found the answers in the FAQ section. Thanks!

  13. Hi Helene! I just stumbled on your blog as I have started practicing making baby food for when my 3-month-old starts solids in the next few months (apparently I'm neurotic...but the Beaba is so much fun to use I couldn't stand it!). Something I was wondering about that I can't seem to find good guidance on...can you cook ground beef raw in the Beaba? And if so can you cook it with other veggies? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there! Congratulations on getting a head start for the purees!! Yes, I definitely put raw beef in with veggies in there, works just fine (I only introduced beef around 7 months or so). Though another option is to cook the ground beef separately (I think I did this a few times as I didn't want the beef to be overcooked and dry), and then mix it in the Beaba with the veggies, it's so quick to pan fry. Hope this helps! Happy cooking!

  14. Hi Helene!

    I have yet another question. When did you start giving purees and different solids to your little one? Right now mine is 5 months old and we've just been doing a puree at night, but I can't seem to find when people start adding in lunch/breakfast, and was just wondering when you started that.



    1. Hi Taylor! I started the first purees during the day, because that way, if baby gets sick or doesn't handle a food well, that doesn't happen in the middle of the night, and you can head to the doctor if need be. That did happen to us once when introducing eggs, Pablo had a mild allergy to egg white, and we headed straight to the pediatrician. (He grew out of the allergy by about 18 months). It is usually recommended to introduce new foods to baby during the day. I started with breakfast and lunch (I did adopt our current 4 meal schedule from the beginning, i.e. breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, I adjusted the times slightly to juggle it around with the milk schedule, which was all over the place from 4 to 12 months). Breakfast, I introduced whole grain baby cereal. Then I started with individual veggie purees at lunch for a while (maybe a couple of weeks), then I added the fruit compote at snack time (4p ish). I stayed with that til about 6 months, then I started to give him a vegetable compote for dinner, one of the ones already previously introduced at lunch. Then I introduced some proteins in the purees at lunch time, and then offered those at dinner about 1 month later. Around 8 months (between 8 and 10), I introduced finger foods, yogurt (always plain) and cheese (a couple of weeks apart) at lunch time, then at dinner (thereby setting the foundation for the "four course meal". Finger food for appetizer, puree for main course, cheese (soft one cut up, as beginner finger food), plain yogurt for dessert. I hope this helps! All the best!

  15. Hi Helene, thank you for your wonderful blog. I'm just wondering, how long did it take you to feed your son the 'four course meal' at 8 months - you mentioned a finger food for appetizer, puree for main course, cheese as beginner finger food and plain yoghurt for dessert. I currently give my 7 month old son two courses - a savoury and sweet but would like to introduce finger food soon. I struggle to stay on schedule so would like to know roughly how long it takes - I know my baby may take more or less time to get through his meal. Thank you!


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