Recipes by age

4-6 months

Celeriac sunchoke soup
First Vegetable Purees
Fruit compotes
Microgreens puree
Sunchoke puree
Watercress sorrel soup/puree

6-8 months

Fish & meat purees 6 - 8 months
Artichoke with vinaigrette
Artichoke puree
Green beans and artichoke puree
Guinea fowl with fava beans
Peas and carrots jardinière
Ratatouille, a simplified recipe
Sunchoke velouté
Three roots puree

8-12 months

General notes on 8-12 months

Almond galette (Kings' galette)
Artichoke bottoms with green sauce
Artichoke custards
Artichoke, peas and tomato puree
Chard ribs au gratin
Chicken Basquaise
Cod brandade with rainbow chards
Cod (black) & Brussels sprouts in garlic cream, baked in a parcel
Cornish game hen (poussin) with Tarragon
Salmon with sorrel puree
Salmon-wrapped leeks au gratin
Sardine, cottage cheese & pea tartine
Sardine & eggplant brandade
Sardine with onion, garlic and lemon, grilled in the can
Sea bass, grilled Moroccan Style
Smoked Salmon & green beans rolls, grapefruit dipping sauce
Sorrel & cucumber cold soup (Guest Post on Artsy Fartsy Mama)
Spinach, watercress, fennel cake
Sunchoke gratin dauphinois
Tomatoes au gratin
Turnips au gratin with apple juice and pancetta
Vegetable jardinière (Guest Post on Karen Le Billon)
White asparagus with tarragon sauce
Yellow squash and cheese casserole
Zucchini & mint terrine

12 months and up

Andalusian Gazpacho
Apple & goat cheese millefeuilles in a parcel
Bannock Bread (over campfire)
Chicken with French cheese (Maroilles)
Chicken fillets with sauce chasseur (Guest Post on Karen Le Billon)
Chocolate hazelnut flourless cake
Chocolate pudding (with quinoa flour)
French lemon tart
Herb custard
Nectarine & shiso ice cream
Oxtails in coconut milk
Peas and feta fritters
Peach soufflé au gratin (Guest Post on Artsy Fartsy Mama)
Scallops and avocado chaudfroid
Speculoos cookies and trifle
Tofu seaweed salad Japanese Style
Veal Blanquette (Guest Post on Artsy Fartsy Mama)

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