Who am I?

Bonjour, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Helene Garcia, I am a French-born mom raising my 13 month-old boy, Pablo, in Los Angeles, where I have lived for the past 15 years. Food, writing and photography have been my passions for a long time and thanks to my son and the support of some other moms who have been interested in my cooking for baby, I am finally starting this blog to share some of my recipes and experiences on this wonderful journey.

There has been recently quite the “buzz” about the “French method” of raising children, coming from American women raising their kids in France, and I am in the opposite situation of raising a bi-cultural (or that is my goal anyway!) child in the US and finding ways to nurture, adapt and rediscover my French roots, in particular through food.
(Though I say French, but our family – and our cooking - is multicultural, as I have also Greek origins, and my husband is of Spanish and American Indian descent.)

One idea, which is a very important goal of a lot of French families, is the “éducation du goût", the education of taste. I believe taste and appreciation of good and healthy foods, and curiosity for a wide variety of foods, can be learned and taught, and the earlier the better. (I am convinced one of the reasons my son loves goat cheese and tomatoes so much is because I have been eating so much of it during pregnancy and nursing!)

I hope to share my trials and tribulations on this journey of educating my son’s palate so he can enjoy food as one of the fundamental ways in which we, humans, can enjoy and experience life and our own bodies.

I am new to the blogging world and this is a learning process for me, so I welcome your feedback.

Finally, one caveat... I will share my recipes, but I am not a nutritionist or doctor, and you should always check with your pediatrician before feeding your baby new foods.

Thanks so much for your interest! Happy cooking!

Special thanks to Elleni Sclavenitis, a wonderful artist, for helping me design the blog!
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  1. Bravo pour ce blog rafraîchissant et appétissant.
    Pablo y est la cerise sur le gâteau avec des joues aussi craquantes que de belles pommes.
    Les photos sont belles, pimpantes et poétiques, les recettes? cela me donne des idées pour mon dernier petit-fils Luken,11 mois. Les petits gastronomes ont de la chance. Merci Hélène.
    Pantxika...de Saint Jean de Luz et... de Dominique

  2. Thank you s much for this blog! It has been such s source of inspiration! I was hoping that you could give ideas for what you give for breakfast! I am struggling for ideas for my 18 month old son! Tank you

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for the kind words, so glad the blog can be helpful :-) Check out the FAQ section (you'll see it in the blue header up top) for my answers on breakfast, and let me know if that answers your question abt breakfast, happy to give more info if you have any additional questions, of course.

  3. Dear helene....I've fallen in love with your blog! Found you via your guest post at Shanna's. Love the pictures of Pablo, and your whimsical, authentic writing voice. So happy to have found a new great read! :) Thanks for sharing about finding your writing voice. Am looking forward to see how it further develop!

    Cheers from Buenos Aires,

    1. Hi Felicia, thank you so very much for your kind words all the way from Buenos Aires, and welcome! :-)

  4. Wonderful blog... I love your comment "we eat what he (Pablo) eats". Same goes in our household. Cooking for and feeding our daughter is one of our greatest pleasures, so thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! Indeed, cooking can really be one of the great joys of parenting :-)

  5. Bonjour Hélène,
    Je suis moi aussi française vivant au nord de la Californie, où je suis mariée avec un américain et élève ma petite fille de 8 mois dans un foyer bilingue. Quel plaisir d'avoir trouvé ton blog! Tes idées recettes et de "meal planning" m'inspirent beaucoup.

    1. Enchantée Sophia et bienvenue! Ravie que tu trouves le blog utile! :-)

  6. Hello, I am loving your recipes and intrigued by your blog. wondering, do you give the veggie/meat purees in a bottle or spoon fed?

  7. Hello Helene.Congratulation on doing a good job bringing up your son in diverse community and creative blogging- I've enjoyed it very much. I've quoted you ,here is a link http://www.pinterest.com/margovik/celebration-of-wisdom/- I hope you don't mind - please let me know other wise.Let creativity pour !!

  8. Amie blogueuse, bonjour.
    C'est fou de voir sur qui on tombe au détour d'une recherche sur google !
    Sincèrement content d'avoir de tes nouvelles :)

  9. Hello Helene,
    This is suba, mom of 15 month old baby. I have sent a request at your lovely blog but thought it didn't come to your attention.
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes and bringing lot of awareness about baby foods.
    Can you please suggest an ice cream maker that I could buy? I have never seen anyone making ice cream at home, so wondering what machine to buy. I would love to try your ice cream recipes.

    Love to Pablo and you and family.

    1. Hi Suba, Thank you for your kind words! I did see your request and responded on the Nectarine Shiso ice cream recipe, but I can give you the reference again here. I use the Cuisinart which you can find here http://astore.amazon.com/frefoobab-20/detail/B00006363E
      It's very easy to use, you just have to remember to freeze the bowl the night before, and also make sure that your ice cream base is fridge cold when your pour it in. Then it takes about 30 min for a batch. Hope you enjoy!

  10. Bonjour, Helene. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us! As I learn more about eating in courses, I wondered how often you serve one of your wonderful desserts in lieu of yogurt? Do you save them for weekends, or special occasions, or is it a more fluid choice? Merci bien!

  11. Hi Helene!

    You're blog has been such a great tool for me as I've been educating my almost 10 month old on all things food. I'm wondering when and how you went about introducing silverware, plates, bowls etc to Pablo? Keep up the great work! Merci -Addie

  12. thank you very much for being a successful mummy and share it with us, we need positive things! I also would like to introduce my website https://www.frenchspanishonline.com to learn French, it is free and your readers may enjoy it. Please drop me a line with your opinion! Pascal

  13. Bonjour Helene,
    I just found your blog (2 years too late!!)....your recipes, photos and writing are wonderful....I have been blogging for 11 years and believe me, to capture my attention these days is something!
    I wish you would share more recipes and experiences.....I have read almost every post tonight, and enjoyed them all.

    Stacey Caron
    (stacey snacks)


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